Atlantic City, Baseball, and Hiking, Oh My!

The past couple days of CTT have been filled with adventure. From heading over to Atlantic City, to seeing the Winchester Royals gracefully lose to the Strasburg Express, we’ve had a whirlwind of enjoyment.

Let’s start with Tuesday Night: Atlantic City Night. Starting with $1000 on their CTT Credit Card, campers entered Atlantic City wearing bowties for boys and pearls for girls, with the goals of winning the most money for their cabin and getting a chance to enter the esteemed high rollers club. They partook in blackjack, texas hold ‘em, roulette, the ball-and-cup game, name that tune, and craps to win money for their cabin. Not just being about the thrill of gambling, Atlantic City also had a juice bar (with a soda bar in the high rollers club), an interdenominational chapel for that classic Atlantic City wedding, fortune telling, and a guess how many jar of candy game (won by Eric Seigle for only being off by 41 Smarties in a jar of 441 Smarties.). The night was won by Cabin F who had an average of over $1500 at the end of the night.

Yesterday was a special day for some of our older campers in the Leadership program. As a special treat for stepping up and making the camp environment even better than it was already, the current and future CTT leaders headed to Hanging Rock Trail for a hike. At the end of the hike, Danny Walsh, Josh Arnold, Ethan Weinstein, and Spencer Leibow were feeling particularly manly and swam across the south branch of the Potomac River.

Last night, we went to see the Winchester Royals take on the Strasburg Express in a double-header. Cabin 4 had fun getting autographed balls from the Winchester Royals players. Kyle Solomon and Spencer Smith had the biggest smiles on their faces after befriending a concessions worker and being able to eat extra nachos and watch the game, and our international campers and counselors had a blast seeing their first American baseball game.

These past few days have been great for other camper accomplishments as well. Kyle Solomon got a goal in ultimate Frisbee, no he didn’t just pass it to someone in the end zone, he actually threw it from one side of the field INTO THE GOAL of the next field. Speaking of Kyle Solomon, he and Aaron Mendelsohn won a game of 2 v. 4 lacrosse. Brady Osterman shot par in Frisbee Golf and hit the hill in golf, as did Katherine Barnes. Justin Lasker shot two bullseyes. Noah Hayes made it up the climbing wall and Robert Bell, Garrett Duncan, Emily Walke, and Ian Osterman hit cans in riflery.

Today is Alternate Sports Day where campers try new sports for the afternoon and in the evening, we have a classic CTT campfire. Don’t forget to like Camp Tall Timbers on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube page to see all new episodes of Good Morning Tall Timbers and have a great day with a can-do attitude!