At Night We Come To Life

Best. Weekend. Ever.

That’s not hyperbole. Jive Thru the Genres, Star Wars Day, CTT World Record Night, and Ghost Court led to one of the best weekends I’ve had.

Let’s start with Friday night’s Jive Thru the Genres. Cabin 3 did a dance to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand” with Brandon Kagen as the Fresh Prince and Kevin Shefferman as the stunning female lead. With their genre as Disney, Cabin B did a medley of songs from High School Musical with Sydney Sachs as Troy and Shayna Allentoff as Gabriella. Cabin 5 did their classic rock performance to Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady” with Jake Greenberg as a hilarious Steven Tyler and Charlie McIntyre as the “lady.” John Barnes played Macklemore in Cabin 2’s skit for “Wanz” and Devon Cantor was the bus driver for Cabin 4’s “Double Dutch Bus” dance. By the end of the night, there were two winners: Cabin 78 and Boys Tents. Cabin 78 did a hysterical dance to “Circle of Life” with Nathan Allentoff and Joe Balaban as elephants and Ignacio “Vans” Ibarrondo as the lion. Boys Tents took a different approach. Given the genre, 90s female vocalists (yup, we all know where this is going), the Boys Tent Group told the story of Britney, played by Max Penn, and his bootylicious squad, played by Miller Friedman and Jake Abel, learning about love and relationships in high school. The bootylicious squad donned short skirts and tight shirts and danced to a medley of Britney Spears, TLC, and Destiny’s Child songs before Britney realized that all she needed in life were her friends. The tie-breaker had 78 and Boys Tents switch genres. Cabin 78 reprised the lions and elephants from their last skit while Boys Tents awesomely sang “I Hope I Get It” from A Chorus Line. In the end, 78 won but it was a great night for dances.

Saturday just kept the fun going. After services, a lightsaber battle broke out and Darth Vader announced it was Star Wars Day. First, the Jedis went through Jedi Training by piloting the Millennium Falcon through the galaxy, shooting a storm trooper, and making it through the asteroid belt. Maybe it was just driving the scooter through a course, making a basket, and jump roping, but it sure felt like the first thing. Then, it was time to disable the Death Star. Like the pivotal scene in Episode IV, the Death Star needed to be disabled by getting a shot into a small hole, so the Jedis duked it out in water polo. After Jedi announcements at lunch and a well-needed rest hour, it was time to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Lord Vader so the Jedis went down to the lake to rip off her chains and save the princess. The next activity of the day, and my personal favorite, was Droids, Ewoks, and Wookies. A variation on rock-paper-scissors, the teams decided whether to be a Droid and beat Wookies, or Ewoks and beat Droids, or a Wookie and beat Ewoks. Then, they would meet in the middle of the pool and reveal themselves and if they lost, they would have to swim and tag the other team. Grant Newcome lasted the longest of any Jedi and while he lost in the end, his Ewok impression was by far the best. The last activity of the day was The Clone Wars, a relay race with a sack race, blindfold pinning the light saber on Yoda, splatter painting, and more. The day ended with presentations of Jedi battle scenes and victory dances with glowsticks followed by a social.

On Sunday, the older campers in Leadership went on a hike to Hanging Rock Trail while the rest of camp had our last C-day. That night is when things got great though. First, it was CTT World Record Night. Campers went to different stations and competed in trivia, sporting competitions, aquatics, and eating competitions. Medals were awarded today at breakfast with Ryan Merkx winning the pudding-eating contest, Zach LaPorte winning the cracker-eating contest, Vans winning the treading water contest, and Ethan McCann winning the soccer-juggling contest with ninety-one juggles! The night did not end there though as then it was Ghost Court!

The ghosts escorted the guilty children to the lake for court. Cabin 5 and Cabin 3 were on trial first for always quarreling. As their punishment, they must perform “All You Need is Love” at lunch today. Sydney Sachs gives too many unwanted hugs so she must wear a sign saying, “Free Hugs,” and must hug herself. Cabin 78 can’t stop talking and are chatterboxes so now they’re wearing boxes on their heads. Girls Tents have a game where when they burp, they slap their knees and say, “chief!” Due to their love of chiefs, they must wear headdresses and be Indian chiefs all day. Alex Goldstein keeps tying knots that won’t come out so now he must carry a rope around all day and use his knot tying skills to demonstrate three different knots at lunch. I’m hoping to see a Windsor knot! Sydney Alloy is infatuated with Justin Bieber, but sadly he can’t be at CTT with us, so today Mark Clark is her Bieber and when she sees him she must get fanatic and ask for an autograph. Trevor Gardemal and Jacob Sanders are perfect campers. You know else was perfect? The 1972 Miami Dolphins! Today, they must dress like them. Cabin H coughs and sneezes at inappropriate times. Obviously, this is because they are sick so they are wearing face masks today to protect the rest of us from germs. Ryan Bernstein is obsessed with soda. As his counselor, I can attest that his love is bordering on addiction. Today, he can’t drink soda and must wear a chain of shame made out of empty soda cans. Cabin 4 is obsessed with electronics so today they can’t use their games and counselor Tim Keith will take them cloud watching so they learn of the joys of nature. Gentry Stromer, Maddi Gehring, Taylor Kasoff, and Nicola Lee-Oesterreich are always together so today, they are dressing like twins and wearing the lyrics to British singing sensation Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and Air Supply’s “All Out of Love.” My favorite crime and punishment goes to Bobby Jaffe, Miller Friedman, and Jake Abel. Throughout the summer, they have been catching mice so now they each have a toy mouse that must be treated like kings for the day and they communicate solely through their new mouse friend. The night ended with counselor Eric being ghost courted for being too much like administrator Mark Clark so today, Eric dresses and acts like Mark.

Today, Boys Leagues and the CTTFFL conclude and the Ping-Pong tournament is in full swing. Tonight, we have Movie in a Minute night, but I have a sneaky suspicion we are in for a surprise tonight. We’ll just have to wait and see!