As Seen On TV!

In my eight years at Camp Tall Timbers, I have learned to expect the unexpected. I never thought I could see a bunch of young girls be so funny, tent girls laugh so much, older boys be so willing to dress as girls, and a bunch of eleven-year-olds successfully reenact a cartoon that was around before some of their parents were born. But last night was As Seen on TV Night, and, like any skit night at CTT, it was filled with some truly outrageous and hilarious skits.

Cabin B was assigned The Bachelorette and had their counselor, Georgia, be their lovely bachelorette. The girls of Cabin B dressed up as some of CTT’s male counselors (including Hayley Sanders as yours truly) leading to a hilarious skit. Girls Tents reenacted the beginning of each season of American Idol with Ashlyn Morrisroe being one of the singers that…well…was not the best singer…but certainly the funniest. In 3rd place, my cabin, 78, performed two episodes of the The Powerpuff Girls with Samuel Brami, Theodore Kling, and Javier Sanchez in skirts dressed as the Powerpuff Girls. Jesse Alloy mocked counselor Flip Flop in the first episode and Aaron Morris did a hilarious impression of counselor Sam Friedman in the second episode. In 2nd place, cabin 5 presented an episode of Popeye the Sailor led by Ethan Harrison doing his phenomenal impression as Popeye and Ethan McCann (in a red dress) as Popeye’s love interest. In 1st place, no surprises here, the adorable cabin 4 acted out a typical episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Miller Friedman as Will, Sam Audia as Uncle Phil, and Max Penn in a coconut bra as Ashley.

Yesterday was also filled with new camper milestones. Ethan Weinstein and Noah Schweitzer caught three fish. Martin Babinet and Esthermarie Lopez shot a gun for the first time. Jacob Langer successfully dunked on a 9-foot hoop multiple times in basketball. Cabin 2 successfully completed their first challenge in challenge course and Jesse Alloy won a game of knockout and got two bulls-eyes in archery.

Today is slated to be a marvelous day at CTT as Dippies and Boy’s League started today! For those who do not know, Dippies is when the proud and brave campers and counselors run to the pool right after the wake-up bell rings, scream “Good Morning Ladies” followed by “Dippies”, and swim a lap in the pool. We had a great turn-out today and I am sure that we will get more “Dippiers” as the session progresses. Boy’s League is also a fun CTT tradition where the male campers are split into four teams and compete in a variety of sports for at least an hour each day led by the same coach for the whole session.

As Camp Tall Timbers gets into full swing, be sure to watch the brand new “Good Morning Tall Timbers” posts on the Camp Tall Timbers Youtube and Facebook pages.