Another great day!!

Wednesday, July 15th 2015


The campers had another day full of activities yesterday! A lot of campers hiked. In swimming class, Abby from Cabin F won the freestyle race, and the Super Singers (Margaret, Olivia, Charlotte, and Jamie) won in water polo!


Last night’s evening activity was MTV Night! Each cabin picked a genre out of a hat. For example, some genres we had were opera (Girls’ Tents), Disney songs (Boys’ Tents), oldies but goldies (Cabin F), and country (Cabin 3).


All of the skits were put together well. A few that stood out were Cabin F and Cabin 3.


Cabin F did a skit about a surprise birthday party for grandma. Margaret and Jamie played grandma and grandpa. They were hilarious. It was Grandma Margaret’s 52nd birthday, but she was walking and acting like she was 100. She used a cane and couldn’t hear well. Her grandchildren tried to show her and grandpa how to dance. Margaret fell down. Olivia loudly asked her if she had broken her hip. The grandparents then decided that they would show the kids how to dance like they did in the old days. The song “Grease Lightning” came on. They did the dance from Grease. Then they did the hand jive. After that, grandpa decided that it was their bedtime (it was after 6:00).


Cabin 3 did a dance to a “You Belong With Me”. Teddy told the story about how he met the kids’ mother. John and Leonard played two girls who were fighting over the same guy. Leonard wore high heels, and it impressed us all how well he could walk in them. In the end, John won.


These skits were the top two of the night. For a tie-breaker they had to make a rap about the judges (Megan, Kasoff and Lynn). Cabin F beatboxed while Jamie rapped, “All we do is win, win for Lynn no matter what. Got Megan on our mind we can’t ever get her off. Every time Kasoff walk up in the gymnasium, everybody turns and says WHAT? Camp Tall Timbers. Camp Tall Timbers. Blue, white. Blue, white. Blue white.”


All of Cabin 3 rapped, “Sittin’ here with my best friend Lynn. Megan, you look better than Megan Fox. I’m too lazy to write the next verse, but I do like your socks. I really enjoy playing color war with you Kasoff, even though you’ll lose when blue and white faceoff.”


In the end, Cabin 3 won because all the campers rapped and were included. It was a fun night. I love to watch the kids get involved and be silly. I like that at camp, no one is worried about what others are going to think about them. They come out of their shell and do ridiculous things they would never do at home or in school. It’s awesome to watch.