And We’re Back!

Well it is only the second full day here at Camp Tall Timbers, but the energy is high and the memories are being made. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex Fang. I am a senior at the Gilman School in Baltimore, this is my eighth year at CTT, and I am one of the counselors in Cabin 5. My favorite thing about the first couple days of camp is the reunions. Friends of all ages come from all over the country to reunite at their favorite place to be: Camp Tall Timbers. Last night, we had our welcoming campfire. After a review of CTT Traditions such as the CTT Hug, the CTT song, “Friends, Friends, Friends”, and the somewhat fictional story of the camp’s creator, Billy Mathis, the campers created skits using a TV character and a prop and how that character saved Camp Tall Timbers. The winner of the night was Team Oprah where Alec Marks (as Oprah) saved the goat (Corrine Polk-Trauman) from villains trying to attack CTT. The campfire symbolized the start of new beginnings at Camp Tall Timbers and the start of a fantastic three weeks.

Tonight, we test the campers’ creativity with MTV Night. Each cabin or tent group is assigned an artist or genre and has to do a dance or music video to a song by that artist or genre. For example, Cabins A and B have to dance to Justin Beiber. Cabin H, who was enamored by Cody Simpson last session, gets to dance to a song by him. In a humorous twist, Boys Tents must dance to “Female Vocalists of the 1990s”. Tonight will surely be the start of a very fun and entertaining summer for the whole camp.

Be sure to “like” the Camp Tall Timbers Facebook page and to follow @camptalltimbers on Twitter so you at home can feel like you are right here at camp. Also, be on the lookout for broadcasts of “Good Morning Tall Timbers”, a camper-produced webcast reporting on events at Camp Tall Timbers, on the Facebook page and the camp Youtube channel, CampTallTimbers. If you have any ideas for the blog, please feel free to contact us here and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Let’s have a great summer!

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