An (anything but) Normal Day

So sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I am back to report the score from Friday’s opening game of the Camp Tall Timbers Baseball League. I am proud to say that my Red Sox racked up eight runs in the top of the first inning and weathered a late game comeback attempt, which included a monster homerun by admin Mike, to defeat Adam Gersh’s Blue Jays 8-7.

The Red Sox got a boost from first baseman Nicky Feldman, who had a big day at the plate. He stepped into the leadoff role on the offensive side with no qualms or hesitation, and together with shortstop (and cabin mate) Ethan Harrison made up a lethal one-two combination that had the opposing pitching staff scratching their heads the entire game.

Counselor Jason Gersh started on the hill for the Sox, but after getting into trouble in the second inning CIT Julie came in to finish the game. Counselor Rachel made two highlight-worthy catches from her post in left field, which were as big a surprise to her as it was to the hitters (despite being a devout baseball fan, Rachel spends most of her time on the soccer pitch).

The second game of the CTTBL will be today, featuring Twix’s Yankees and Bill’s Wildcats. I’ll sure be there scouting out the competition, and in doing so I’ll be able to bring you the scores and highlights with the next post…

Big things have been happening off the diamond as well. It has become apparent during riflery classes that CTT is full of highly trained snipers. Nate Fink, Cory Nigrin, Rachel Beiser, David Morrel, Jessica Hymer, Jake Shapiro and Ben Mendelson all hit the spinning targets multiple times.

The spinning targets are basically steel circles hardly bigger than a spoon. These guys are hitting these small targets from over 50 feet away with tiny .22 shells. This is an impressive feat for anyone, let alone a group of campers who generally only shoot during camp.

Now that you have a bit of a mental image at what these marksman are doing, try to wrap your mind around the fact that Joe Curran was able to connect on six of eight shots, including three in a row.

At the challenge course, Jordan scurried to the top of the wall in only two minute and 37 seconds. This is quite a feat because I’m not sure I could scale the vertical structure in two hours and 37 minutes.

On the football field, teams competed in their second game of the 2009 season. Each game came down to the wire and everyone had a blast.

On the first field, the Yellow Polka-Dotted Hippopotami defeated the Orange Crush 24-19. The Hippopotami used a time-consuming short passing game to run out the clock and narrowly escape with the win.

The other game came down to the very last series. The Purple Nurples and the Red Bulls traded the lead throughout the game, but when the Bulls failed to convert on fourth down with the scored tied at 14 and with 15 seconds remaining, the Purple Nurples used a long pass to move to cover the field. With no time remaining on the game clock, Corey Greenwald hauled in a 10-yard touchdown pass to seal a 21-14 win over the Bulls.

Nicky Feldman led the way for the Bulls with two touchdowns.

For those of you keeping score the BV continued their siege on the girl’s side by capturing counselor Krista, who they quickly re-named Fairy Girl. The boys were able to make her un-freeze three times, meaning she has to clean the cabin one meal table three times.

Today, there are some girl’s league competitions taking place along with the aforementioned CTTBL action and tonight is the Counselor Hunt, where some counselors will be hidden and the group of campers that finds the most counselors will be named the winners. It sounds like a fun evening activity to cap off yet another awesome day at Tall Timbers, which thankfully seems to be the norm around here.