Amusement Park Rises Bold and Stark

Perfect weather and no problems, sounds like a great day to spend at Hershey Park. Elizabeth Stern and Sydney Sachs rode their first upside down roller coaster yesterday and Casey Dennison rode her first roller coaster ever! With the temperature low and spirits high, CTT had a great day out.

The last few days of camp are always special to me. Relationships hit their peak and activities get to the point where it feels like you know everything; it’s the time that CTT feels like home away from home. The Plátanos are the Boys Leagues champions and CTTFFL playoffs begin today with the first-seed Red Bulls go up against the fourth-seed Purple Nurples and the second-seed G-Machine plays the third-seed Black Attack. In addition to the sports competitions, the play is tomorrow and everyone is learning their lines in preparation. The art classes are tye-dying and mastering their painting skills whilst the rocketry classes are launching their rockets higher than ever before.

Tonight, we have our counselor hunt where campers search camp in teams to find counselors and then the play and then color war and then our countdown to next first session begins. Let’s go!