Camp Tall Timbers challenges kids to do, dare, and dream!

Camp Tall Timbers is all about fun. Athletics, social time, creative arts, drama, it’s all here! Campers make their own schedules based on their interests and challenges they want to take on. See the comprehensive A-Z list of activities we offer below. Or check out a typical “day in the life at camp” schedule and see how other campers customize their Camp Tall Timbers experience.


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Team and individual sports, as well as clinics and instructional work, are integral parts of our athletics program. We run an active schedule of inter-camp games and tournaments. Campers also have the opportunity to participate in competitions and clubs. Both boys and girls participate in a noncompetitive league program where the emphasis is on sportsmanship and fair play.


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At our private lake and pool our campers enjoy well-rounded aquatics fun. We encourage the development of water skills following the Red Cross Achievement Program in our pool, with canoeing, paddle boats, paddle boards, kayaks, tubing and water skiing all happening in our beautiful lake.  Our campers swim under the watchful eye of our water safety instructors and lifeguards. We evaluate each camper’s swimming ability and place them in swimming programs that help them gain confidence and stroke knowledge, with safety as our priority.


Self-expression and hands-on activities are central themes of our fine arts program. Our art studio and performance stage support a wide range of creative activities. Arts & Crafts, Aerobics, Newspaper, Model Rocketry, Dramatics, Dance, Painting, Pottery, Photography and Video Production all play an active role in the program. Our campers develop self-confidence while enhancing their individual talents. All campers have an opportunity to participate in the camp musical each session.


Our well-schooled horses give campers a chance to experience Western seat riding through our American Camp Association Accredited Riding Program. We take the time to evaluate campers interested in riding, matching their abilities with the right skill level class. In our sand-filled ring, campers gain and improve their horsemanship skills along wooded trails that let us get outside the stables and enjoy the great outdoors. As our campers’ skills improve, we look to challenge them by providing safe advanced activities for them to conquer. We do not jump our horses, but rather, challenge our riders with other skills tests, including barrels, roping and more.


The goal of our Challenge Program is to teach team-work and build self-confidence. We offer a 2-sided climbing wall that introduces campers to the Challenge Program. Our Low Elements course, with its spider web and low wire, builds problem-solving skills, and encourages participants to trust their team members. The popular Zip Wire is the culmination of the program, allowing campers to experience the incredible thrill of safely “flying” through the woods while completely harnessed, helmeted and fastened to the zip line.