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Monday, July 6th 2015

Hi there! So much has happened since I’ve last written! All good things of course.

On Saturday, we did SpongeBob Olympics! The camp was divided into two teams. They were given creative freedom to come up with their own team names: Patriotic Plankton and Team USA. First, we did a Water Transfer. Each team was given two garbage cans; one was empty, and the other was half filled with water. The teams were given sponges. The object was to get all of the water into the other garbage can. Each sponge had to be carried by two people at a time. Next, we did wet Sponge Dodge Ball. Patriotic Plankton got an early lead; they won both the Water Transfer and Sponge Dodge Ball.

We then gave each team a t-shirt frozen inside a block of ice. The first team to unfreeze their t-shirt and have a member of their team wear it would win. The teams threw their blocks of ice at trees, metal fence poles, and the ground. They tried to use their body heat. They tried dunking it in water. In the end, Team USA was able to unfreeze their t-shirt and put it on Mayson. Ignacio held her up above his head to show that she had it on. It was cute.

Next, we did Free Swim as usual followed by lunch. After lunch, we continued the day with water polo games. To be fair, we separated the teams so that the younger campers would have their own game. The young campers from Team USA brought in a win for their team. Patriotic Plankton won the second game, which was played by the older campers.

After Milk and Cookies, we went Jelly Fishing! To make jellyfish, we blew up small balloons and colored pink spots on them. We tied a few ribbons on each of them to create tentacles. We “freed jellyfish” on the middle of the basketball court. The teams lined up on opposite baselines. Each time was given two lacrosse sticks. They had to run to the middle and scoop up a jellyfish and bring it back to their team. The team who collected the most jellyfish won. Team USA came out on top.

We then moved to the gym to do “Karate”. We played two games of ninja (we separated the campers by age again). Team USA won out of the younger campers; Patriotic Plankton won for the older campers.

The overall winner for SpongeBob Olympics was Patriotic Plankton. For evening activity, we had a pool party! We all had a lot of fun. A lot of us spent most of the time trying to teach Balaban how to dive. We finished up there about 8:30 and went down to the lake where we held Ghost Court. Mark was dressed up as the werewolf judge. Some of the Junior Counselors and our CIT 2’s were dressed as ghosts.

Mark explained how Ghost Court worked. The ghosts came up to bring down the first of the accused. Ryan Bernstein was accused of asking absurd questions. The jury (which was the rest of the campers) judged him as guilty. His punishment is that Monday (today), he must ONLY talk in questions. Next, Grant and Balaban were pulled up to the front. Their crime was being too crass. After being found guilty, they were told their sentence: they are to spend all of the day today speaking only in prayer. Also, at the first Free Swim today, they must lead a prayer circle.

Corinne has trouble standing on her own two feet. She is constantly falling down and hurting herself. When she was brought down and accused of this crime, she pleaded guilty. Today, she is wearing a helmet, kneepads, and she has two pillows duct taped to her front and back. Cabin 4 (the young boys) was charged with being animals at mealtimes. Today at every meal they must tuck napkins into their shirts, eat everything with silverware (even if it is a sandwich), and drink with their pinkies up. If they spill anything, they must apologize to their counselors for every bad thing they have EVER done. Sean Contee-Jones from Cabin 4 was shamed twice… At every lunch and dinner, Sean eats an entire bowl of shredded cheese. Today, he is not allowed any.

Sydney, Ella, Abby, Mayson and Yanna were accused of talking too much. Today, they are to be absolutely silent at breakfast and lunch. Also, they had to paint their faces as mice. Damara, Michelle, and Meghan were accused of being too quiet. Today, they have to do the chicken dance at lunch. Lori was accused of not wearing clothes when she is in her cabin. Today, she is wearing three t-shirts, three pairs of shorts, and she has written a poem about why one should always wear clothes.

Don’t worry, parents. We also shamed our own. Two counselors, Jenna and Brynn (me), were charged for being together too often and talking to each other too much. Today, we are not allowed to be in contact with each other until after 3:00. Kasoff, one of out Junior Counselors, was accused of thinking and acting like he is administration. Today, he is not a JC… he is a camper. He is dressed as a camper, going to activities instead of teaching them, and all counselors and JC’s can freeze him at anytime. That pretty much means that the kid will be frozen all day.

Yesterday (Sunday), the tent boys and tent girls went camping. The rest of us stayed back to do Camper/Counselor games. Each camper was paired up with a counselor. There were so many games and activities. First, we did stations near the upper fields. There were stations for basketball, football, golf, archery, volleyball, and tennis. After that, we did games of world cup (soccer).

After Free Swim and lunch, we went down to the lake for Canoe Races. Each team made banners during free time (either Free Swim or rest hour). There was a parade for all of the banners. They judged for the best banner. Brynn and Abby won, Cameron and Ben P took second place, and Mohan and Jami took third place. Abby wanted to be “Team Trees”, so she and Brynn colored a tree trunk on their banner and filled the main part with real leaves. Cameron and Ben P had a Jurassic Park themed banner. Jami and Mohan decided not o make a banner, but to make sashes to go across their bodies. They were really cool. Jami loves lacrosse, so hers had a huge lacrosse stick on it. Mohan is the riflery instructor, so he had a shotgun drawn on the back of his.

There was a water balloon toss. After that, there was a minefield team building activity. Each team member had to lead their teammate through the minefield without them stepping on anything.

In the end, Riley and Josh too first place. Coming in second was Sydney and Justin. Finally, Karolis and Isaiah took third.

This activity was so much fun. It was so cool to watch the counselors paired up with and working together with the campers. This was the first time we’d done this activity. I’m sure we’ll definitely do it again!

Last night, they all gather in the pavilion to watch the USA soccer game. There was a big celebration when the girls won! All in all, it was a great weekend. One for the books for sure.

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  1. Louise Brodnitz
    Louise Brodnitz says:

    Awesome descriptions!
    Today is Aidan (my son)’s birthday: turning sixteen!
    Thanks again for the updates.

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