A Whole New World

What a fantastic weekend at CTT!

It started Friday night with Dance Thru the Decades. Cabin B had to perform a  2000s pop song and featured Hayley Sanders reprising her impression of me (which admittedly is kind of funny…okay really funny), Sage Jacobson singing an incredible version of “Rolling in the Deep”, and the whole cabin dancing to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Cabin 3 followed with a medley of 80s pop with Joseph Balaban, Jacob Blitz, and Noah Schweitzer as the “friends of Eileen” leading into a dance to “Come on Eileen” before Jacob Langer came out as Michael Jackson and stole the girls away by singing “Man in the Mirror”. In 2nd place, cabin 4 did a medley of 80s hair bands with Matt Kasoff, Sam Audia, and Matthew Ziegelstein in full makeup as members of Kiss. In 1st place (not to brag) was cabin 78 who did an eleven song medley to 50s music with Constantin Emeury as the leading lady. Sam Brami and Theodore Kling played themselves while Aaron Morris, Javier Sanchez, and Tristan Cabotin mocked the boys of cabin 4 with some…um…interesting dance moves to “Under the Boardwalk” and “Blueberry Hill”. The skit ended with the French boys (Theodore and Sam) stealing the pretty girl away from the cabin 4 boys and the skit received a perfect score for the night.

The fun continued into Saturday. After a late wakeup and cinnabons for breakfast, the camp went to services led by Girls Tents. The theme of the service was friendship and many campers embraced that theme through poems or songs. Sydney Laporte and Taylor Kasoff sang Flight of the Conchords’ “Sellotape aka Pencils in the Wind”, Samantha Swindell did a poem about friendship, Jakeabel and Max Penn did haikus, and Steven Meree composed his own song about his friendships at camp. As the service was ending, we all heard a noise and then counselor Oli Knowles came out dressed as a Dalmatian and announced that it was Disney Day.

The camp was split up into the Red Mickey Mouse team led by Collin and Breanna, the Blue Donald Duck team led by Tim and Keith, the Yellow Pluto team led by Zach Fang (still no relation) and Rachel, and the Green Goofy team led by Ari, Emily, and myself. The teams were in charge of decorating a float, making a skit, and doing a dance to Disney music. After the teams worked on their creative performances, they went to The Gauntlet (a game similar to dodgeball) and Disney trivia and after a quick popsicle break, the teams went to army dodgeball and pool activities giving each and every camper a chance to show off their talents. After a hard day of competition, it was time for a Disney parade with Ashlyn Morrisroe, Taylor Kasoff, Sage Jacobson, and um…Ramon Ramirez as the princesses on the decorated floats. During the parade, each team performed a dance. The Mickey Mouse team danced to “Party in the U.S.A”, The Donald Duck team danced to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”, The Pluto team danced to “What Time is It?”, and the winner of the dance competition (again not bragging) was the Goofy team with a medley of “Circle of Life”, “Strangers Like Me”, “Let’s Get Together”, and “Breaking Free” choreographed by Samantha Zerwitz. The day culminated in a Princess Ball where the tent boys danced to techno and cabin G and H danced to Backstreet Boys and N*Sync and the night ended when the judges announced that the Green team was the winner (not bragging I swear).

As the Wet Your Feet Week campers have left and they will be missed, a new group of campers have come for a tryout weekend at CTT and are having a great time before they leave today. They have already climbed and fished and enjoyed almost every activity Camp Tall Timbers has to offer. Today, we are preparing for our last week of 1st session here at CTT. The 3 on 3 basketball tournament is ending, CTTFFL playoffs have begun, and the amusement park trip is just around the corner. Let’s have a great last week.