A Tale of Moats and Mermaids

When the Camp Tall Timbers bus arrived at Cacapon on Thursday, the sand was smooth, the water was calm and the fish were just chilling without a care in the world. But when those doors opened, all of the calm was wrecked and the formerly tranquil lake was transformed into a trademarked CTT fury that Glenn Smith should seek a patent for.

Jakeabel was among the first campers to disturb the peace by reeling the first fish of the day and naming it Franklin. After a few rousing games of ‘Cut the Cake,’ Ethan Weinstein, Casey Dennison and Caoimhe Ni Droighneain, Hayley Sanders and a few Cabin One boys constructed a running moat in the sand complete with fortifications. Kevin Shefferman, Jason Shefferman and Aaron Forest weren’t content with swimming in the lake so they made a swimming pool. Counselor Kyle and the tent boys made a giant shark and not to be outdone, Jacob Blitz made an even bigger moat than the previous one. And so was the end of smooth sand and calm waters of Cacapon.

After all of that and a tasty cookout dinner, there was a mermaid contest (which entailed counselors being buried in sand and then being made into a mermaid) and we finally boarded the bus to head back to camp in time for bed. It was a long, hot day but it seemed to last no time at all- just like everything we do with our CTT family.

Cacapon may be over, but the fun sure isn’t. Tonight is the infamous Cheesy Skit Night and the kids have been buzzing all day coming up with ideas for the superhero theme. And tomorrow the campers and counselors will have the chance to become pretty infamous themselves during the one day they are encouraged to cheat and steal- but that will all stop when it comes down to the surprise final event that will determine the winner…

Argh! Why can’t it come any faster!