A Perfect Morning

The sun rises over a quiet horizon in High View, W.V. It is a nice, silent morning in the Appalachians and it looks as if that sun will meet a relatively peaceful day here in the mountains.

All of the sudden, there is the crack of a rifle fired by T.J. Pallone. A mountain bike piloted by A-Tom zooms through the forest. Sam Greenberg slams a baseball off of the side of the art shack. Cabin A girls scream as they jump in the pool. Believe it or not, in our corner of High View, this is the ideal way to start a day.

The campers that make up the third session of camp have only been here for two days, but they are already in full camp mode. The first shots in the Dippies vs. Sleepies War have already been taken and girl’s leagues have begun. The campers are trying out their schedules for B days and there is a lot of buzz in the air about an upcoming early morning flag football game between two groups of counselors. We’ve already snarfed down grilled cheese, chicken patties and tacos in the dining hall.

Yup, camp has begun. And it’s going strong and should continue to go strong because of all the awesome activities lined up this session. There will be a trip to Cacapon (which is pronounced ka-cape-n, according to local counselor Tim Allen. Most camp folk say kah-kah-pon) and the bowling alley. Older kids will get to race go-karts and go rafting. The evening activity line-up includes tonight’s Cheesy Skit Night, Minute to Win It and some other camp staples which always make for a good time.

Are you jealous of the campers yet? You probably should be. This is going to be an awesome session, which I’m sure you’ll hear about in letters. But I’ll do my best to keep you updated here in the blog, so hopefully you’ll keep coming back for more. And I hope you do- this session, like every session at CTT, is going to be a winner.

So I’m going to go be a part of it (it’s fun, and it makes these more interesting!). Hope you come back tomorrow for all the latest from our favorite summer destination- Camp Tall Timbers!!!