57 Channels and CTT’s On

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if all of the commercials we saw on TV were done by kids? Think of how much funnier commercials would be. Well that’s exactly what last night’s Commercial Night was here at CTT.

Last night, each cabin was given a prop that they had to advertise to the whole camp and they all succeeded. Cabin 1 sold a pool noodle by demonstrating its many uses ending with Vance Pallone using it to kill a swarm of zombies. Cabin F advertised the “stay-put wig” with Hayley Sanders as the narrator and Maddie St. Aubin as the old woman who needed the wig in order to go about her daily life. Girls Tents had the most interesting skit of the night as they used their prop, a flashlight, to go find an ostrich, and when the flashlights turned on, Melorie Jenkins was on an inflatable ostrich running towards the stage! Cottage 7 (they prefer cottage, not cabin) sold one of their campers, Carl Lasker, as the horsemaster and used their prop, a broom, as his horse.

At the end of the night, there was a tie between Dorm 8 and Boys Tents. Dorm 8 had promoted body spray where Andrew Priest was their counselor, Corey, before the body spray, and Ben Mendelson as Corey, after he applied the body spray. Boys Tents did a spin on the traditional “Doctor Doctor” skit with Ian Patton as the director, Jack “Vito” Parr as the mother (wearing their prop – a dress), and Aaron Morris as the doctor. Instead of just doing the “Doctor Doctor” skit, they used the format to advertise their product, Memorex. The tie breaking skit was to use a new prop to make a commercial and Boys Tents overwhelmingly won with their advertisement for Transformers using a die as the cube.

Yesterday also demonstrated how quickly Second Session can pick up activities, whether they are building off of skills from last year or just learning them now. Sam Brami was the first person of the session to climb up the hard side of the wall and Aaron Morris made it up the wall in a potentially record-setting fourteen seconds.  Ian Patton learned his first guitar chords. Justin Leibow won a game of knockout in archery. Justin Lasker and Sydney Sachs shot bullseyes. In tennis, Ben Mendelson won the first game of king of the court of the session and Taryn Dalton won a game of jail. In the legendary B-2 Hockey class, Ethan Polk-Trauman, Alec Geis, Justin Leibow, Brady Osterman, Riley Smith, Jordan Abel, and Nora and Eric Siegle scored in what was one of the best games of hockey I have seen in a while.

Today, we have our first C day and tonight we have our Cabin Activity Night where each cabin goes to a different part of camp and has fun together as a cabin to get a good start to the bonds made in the camping season. Here we go!