4th of July, High View, WV

Waking up to Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” and an impromptu camp sing-along of the national anthem breakfast: CTT loves the 4th of July. Campers and counselors alike are swaggin’ out in USA pride tank tops and American Flag t-shirts. Despite our Independence Day festivities being rained out last night, we still love the holiday.

Due to the rain, we did not get to see the Winchester Royals play, but we were able to have a pool party and dance party and who needs college summer league baseball when you have an entire camp shouting, “Stop the beat! Drop the bass!” to Rune’s techno masterpiece, “Calabria.” Yesterday also featured some new accomplishments from campers. New ‘Wet-Your-Feet-Week’ camper Jadyn Craig won a smallest splash competition while Justin Kagen won the biggest splash contest. Aaron Morris was the first camper this whole summer to climb up the hard side on the climbing wall. Adam Dunham shot four cans in riflery. Hannah Levitan and Claudia Munoz Perez went tubing without falling off, which is a pretty big deal!

Today, the CTTFFL continues and new franchise Black Attack works to build off the momentum from their victory against the Orange Crush. Tonight is one of my favorite evening activities at CTT – Camp Out Night (formerly Cabin Night). We have a cook-out and then sleep out under the stars as a cabin. With a campfire and s’mores, cabin bonds are formed and everyone has a good time. Time to camp!