Start of the Summer!!

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015


Hi guys! Yesterday, the campers had their first day of activities! We started out the day with Girl Power Hour and Boy’s League. The girls played a variety of games, including Little Sally Walker and dodgeball. The boys played a giant game of kickball. It was nice to see the bonding between all ages.


The campers were so excited for their favorite activities, like swimming, basketball, baseball, arts and crafts, and soccer. They were also eager to try out the activities that were new to them, such as archery, canoeing/kayaking, tubing, riflery, climbing, horseback riding, and golf.


The evening activity was a big hit with the campers last night. We played cops and robbers, but not the way you remember playing it. There was a range of various tasks set up all over camp that the campers (“Robbers”) had to fulfill. When a group completed a challenge, they were awarded with a balloon. Each activity had a different color of balloons worth a different amount of points according to the level of difficulty.


For example, the task at the archery station was for someone to shoot a bullseye. Since this is a rather difficult challenge, the balloons were worth forty points.  In the gym, the campers had to do “the human knot”. Since this was easily completed, the balloons were worth fifteen points.


Four of our wonderful Junior Counselors and one “Undercover Cop” had been painted blue. They were the “Cops”. They were sneaking around outside of the art shack, trying to steal and pop the “Robber’s” balloons. If the “Robbers” were able to get past the “Cops” and into the art shack, their points were added up. However, if the “Cops” were able to pop their balloon, the teams didn’t get to add any points to their total.


Congratulations to our winning team, who had a shocking total of 170 points… was Mohan, Lynn, Corinne, Sean, Abby, and Gabriel. I can’t wait to see what other activities are in store for this session!



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